About the app.

We have developed this site/app which will allow you to interact with an AI Bot on the Cloud.

The Bot is able to understand questions and commands and respond accordingly. We have instructed the Bot to respond to Cyber Security questions.

This is a Web Service composed of a number of Microservices such as: Google API AI, Text to Speech MicroService, Speech Recognition and Database & Caching.

Google Api AI Web Service : This app interacts with API.AI. This micro-service is a conversational user experience platform enabling brand-unique, natural language interactions for devices, applications and services.

Speech Synthesis : The application has the ability to perform Speech Synthesis (Computer-generated simulation of human speech intended for mobile and web applications).

Speech Recognition : If your browser supports Speech Recognition, you will have the ability to speak questions or commands. You can also type them on the Input field.

Database Caching : The application has Database and Caching enabled.


Below are the technologies used for the UCSB AI Project

Google API AI

Speech Synthesis Microservice

Database Caching

Artificial Intelligence Bot

Ask the AI Security Bot any question related to the subjects below

Passwords and authentication
System administration and maintenance
Wireless and Internet access
LinkedIn Privacy settings
Facebook Privacy settings
Twitter Privacy settings
Guidelines for online security and privacy

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